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#255: Going Solo to Infinity and Beyond

After some time away, BryGuy and I reconvened late last week to discuss our reactions to two of The Mouse Ear Company’s biggest film releases so far this summer: Avengers: Infinity War, and Solo: A Star Wars Story.  Join us for our typical insightful commentary and a couple of laughs. Hope the weather is lovely wherever you are. Podcast: […]

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#254: That’s a Man’s Job

Making idiotic predictions?  Please — step aside and let BryGuy and I take care of that for you. We catch up on the Golden Globe winners from earlier in the month of January, and do our best to handicap the Oscar field.  It’s funny how close “field” sounds to “feel,” because that’s basically the info […]

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#253: “I’m Glad You Liked It.”

It’s time for the annual Music Year in Review!  BryGuy and I run down our respective Top Five Albums of 2017, for the first time, with no cross-overs.  Have you spent time with any of these 10 albums?  Let us know what you thought.  If not, check out the Spotify playlist of the samples we […]

Bocko and BryGuy December 20, 2017 Jason Bock One comment

#252: Magic Space Wizards!

BryGuy is with us only in pre-taped form, but we still make plenty of hay between him, myself, and our buddy the K-Bear on this SPOILER-FILLED EPISODE that is all about The Last Jedi.  Seriously, there are so many spoilers.  Do not listen to this if you haven’t seen the movie yet.  Just don’t.  Wait.  Maybe see […]

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Redux #209: We Have Felt All the Feels

This weekend, BryGuy, myself, and numerous other friends of the podcast will head out to theaters for the latest installment in the third Star Wars trilogy: The Last Jedi.  Look for a fresh episode some time on Sunday, the 17th, with our thoughts, reactions, and yes — spoilers. In the meantime, take a listen back to our […]

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#251: BM v. SM

You like movies?  You like thinking about movies, and talking about movies?  You’re going to like this episode.  We dig into Thor: Ragnarok, BryGuy does everything he can to *not* say that he hated Murder on the Orient Express, and let’s be honest: we’re getting keyed up for The Last Jedi, so there’s some chatter about that, too. Put us […]