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BKO Radio hosts and produces the weekly Drama Jocks’ SportsCast, and the (mostly)-weekly Bocko & BryGuy Show here at, straight from sunny, beautiful central Minnesota.  We also produce Blending: Two Bloggers Talk About Life, Love and Laughter.

Starting your own show and need some help or advice?  Or, just want to link up?  Get in touch.


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  1. […] 1. Find someone who knows what they’re doing. We are so lucky that Jason has two podcasts he currently produces, so we had a pro helping us. He sets up all of our audio before we begin recording and does all of the editing after we record a show. You might not notice this all (which is the point!), but there is a lot of behind the scenes things that happen before a podcast can be posted online. If you’re thinking of creating a podcast, definitely consider a producer! […]

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