DramaJocks June 7, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

#175: Puck Luck

By: John Taylor

Back to a full three-man crew, we open the show by catching up on the state of the NBA Playoffs.  I question whether or not Miami actually has a coach.  I’ve never seen or heard of him, but I haven’t watched a lot of Heat games, either.  Josh has questions about the long-term fate of the Bucks, after yet another Herb Kohl interview where the former senator reiterates the need for a new arena.  I try to provide some theories/answers.

Over on the NHL side, the K-Bear cannot be surprised.  The Stanley Cup Playoffs are an entity unto themselves, and admittance to the tournament guarantees one thing: you have a shot at the championship.

Do we talk about the Brewers?  Oh, of course we do.  What about the latest PED scandal that has embroiled MLB and Ryan Braun.  You betcha.  Although I didn’t say so on the show, as more details about this story continue to trickle out, I’m thinking that the Biogenesis saga could wind up having more far-reaching effects than when Jose Canseco threw every player he ever played with under the bus.

Of course we’ll stay tuned to all that business, and imagine you will, too.