#183: New Sh*t Has Come to Light, Man.

By: Gabe McIntyre

Ah, my triumphant return after a personal two-week hiatus from the Drama Jocks…

Josh and Joe welcome me back as I regale them with tales of sleeping on the ground in Michigan, but after that, we get straight down to the business at hand:

  • What is with these lying assholes in MLB on the PEDs?  Seriously, what?  If you can explain it, call us.
  • Speaking of that, how can Ryan Braun hope to redeem himself here at home in Milwaukee?  I have a couple ideas.
  • Who’s on pace to lose more games, the Brewers or Twins?  (Baseball Prospectus has the Crew projected to lose two more games than Minnesota right now, for what it’s worth).
  • Bryan Bulaga, the Packers presumptive left tackle heading in to 2013 is lost for the season.  Joe and I explain to Josh why we will not be jumping off any bridges.
  • Vince Young dons the green and gold.
  • Greg Jennings just won’t shut up.
  • and more!

Take a whirl around and kick the tires on this mofo.

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