DramaJocks August 23, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

#185: Breaking News?

By: Kenneth Lu

We thought we had some breaking Braun news as the ‘cast was going on, but as it turns out, we just barely missed it.  Either way, not a lot of positive things to be said about the Brew Crew.  They have pitched well over the last couple months, albeit in spurts.  It’s likely to be a long off-season.

Ditto for the Twins, who will probably be out a manager, and have a lot of their own question marks all over the diamond.  Minnesota still remains just a few percentage points ahead of Milwaukee in the quest to be the shittiest team in the upper Midwest…

We’ve also got commentary from the most recent preseason NFL games.  Our most nagging questions:

  • How long will Christian Ponder remain the Vikings starter at QB?
  • Will Jay Cutler find anyone to throw to other than Brandon Marshall this season?
  • Can Eddie Lacy indeed be the back that the Pack has waited for?

Listen and enjoy…