#211: Firestorm

Josh owns a vehicle again.  Before we get on to sports, he describes the process of bringing said vehicle up to spec in terms of maintenance.  Send your VW-themed gifts his way.

Catching up on the Bucks Watch, we see the team rolling in to February 20 at 10-43.  We knew it wouldn’t happen, but it’s now officially impossible for them to best (worst?) the all-time record of the 1973 Philadelphia 76ers in an 82-game season.  The NBA trade deadline is today, so the roster could be in for a little shake-up yet this afternoon…

Later, I scoff in the face of Josh’s undying skepticism about your Milwaukee Brewers.  Seriously, folks: it’s a new season.  They’ve got some new faces.  Anything is possible.

Finally, the Olympics are winding down, and that means both USA hockey teams are vying for gold.  Speaking of skepticism: Josh is more satisfied with the medal count this week.

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