DramaJocks June 12, 2014 Jason Bock No comments

#227: Hammer. Hummer. Hamburg.

By: Mohd Althani

A relatively short program for you this week, but it’s certain to leave you with a warm feeling in your armpits…

We lead off the show with horse racing–yes, horse racing–before switching up to our more typical pro sporting fare.  We’ve got updates for you on the NHL and NBA playoff finals — one series looks exciting, while the other looks over.  Details of the Twin Cities’ bid to host Super Bowl 52 were leaked, and at least one of us has something stuck in his craw over that.  The World Cup commences in earnest today in Brazil, and we have some exciting, ignorant picks for you.  Finally, the Brewers continue to chug along, still in first place, and still managing to stay on pace for 90+ wins.  (Kim would like you to know that Lucroy deserves more respect, and it wouldn’t hurt if you went out and voted for him.)

I’ll be on vacation next week, so the show’s on hiatus until the week of June 25.  Happy summer to you!