DramaJocks July 31, 2014 Jason Bock No comments

#233: The King of the Three Rivers

By: Davidlohr Bueso

We’re back to full-strength on this week’s podcast, and none too soon.

There’s just a paltry smattering of news coming out of NFL training camps so far, but the big talker on the football side relates to Ray Rice.  As fans, we seem to put up with a lot of abhorrent behavior from these players, and the League does the same.  What will it take to change that?

We also get caught up on the Brewers, their razor-thin lead in the NL Central, and what they need to do make a move that will cement their chances for a postseason appearance (spoiler alert: there is disagreement).

Enjoy the hour, and then enjoy the next two weeks — we’ll see you back here on August 14.