DramaJocks December 12, 2014 Jason Bock No comments

#249: “I’m Better at This”

Missing a K-Bear this week, and recording later than usual, Josh and I have the opportunity to open up with a chat about the departure of the former and the hiring of the new Wisconsin Badgers football coach.  Helluva week for the shit going down there at Camp Randall…

We also cover a pro hardwood action and give a mention to the developments in MLB prior to jumping into our round-up/tear-down of the NFL.  Spoiler alert: Schneider and I are already down 0-1 to Knitt in the picks after Thursday night football.

Lot of games yet to be had, of course, so give it a listen: even if you’re not that into the picks, you’ll find out what has Josh especially frustrated this fantasy season…

Enjoy, have a good weekend, and go check on those cookies before they burn.

VISITINGHOMEDATETIME (CST)TVJosh (140-68)Jason (125-83)Joe (123-85)
Arizona@St. LouisTHU, DEC 117:25 PMNFLSTLSTLARI*
Pittsburgh@AtlantaSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMCBSATLATLATL
Washington@NY GiantsSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMFOXNYG*NYG*NYG*
Miami@New EnglandSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMCBSNE*NE*NE*
Oakland@Kansas CitySUN, DEC 1412:00 PMCBSKC*KC*KC*
Houston@IndianapolisSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMCBSIND*IND*IND*
Cincinnati@ClevelandSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMCBSCIN*CIN*CIN*
Jacksonville@BaltimoreSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMCBSBAL*BAL*BAL*
Green Bay@BuffaloSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMFOXGBGBGB
Tampa Bay@CarolinaSUN, DEC 1412:00 PMFOXTBTBTB
NY Jets@TennesseeSUN, DEC 143:05 PMCBSTENTENNYJ*
Denver@San DiegoSUN, DEC 143:05 PMCBSSDDEN*SD
Minnesota@DetroitSUN, DEC 143:25 PMFOXDET*MINDET*
San Francisco@SeattleSUN, DEC 143:25 PMFOXSEA*SEA*SEA*
Dallas@PhiladelphiaSUN, DEC 147:30 PMNBCPHIPHIDAL*
New Orleans@ChicagoMON, DEC 157:30 PMESPNNO*NO*NO*
* - denotes correct pick(week, overall)(9-7, 149-75)(9-7, 134-90)(12-4, 135-89)