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#254: My Sweet Bobo

By: Kitty Ying

Josh, Joe and I recount the feelings that Packers fans, Cowboys fans, and the rest of the league are having, respectively, following a tense divisional playoff round at Lambeau.  We do our best to compare with the last time the issue reared its head.

On the other side, are the reports of Peyton’s demise exaggerated?  What of the Brady?  Is the magic back?  Will the Colts extend their streak of Luck (uh-huh-huh-huh…) in Foxboro this weekend?

All that, and if you’re into chips, let me recommend the Aldi: tasty products at a reasonable price.

VISITINGHOMEDATETIME (CST)TVJosh (5-3)Jason (6-2)Joe (4-4)
Green Bay@SeattleSUN, JAN 182:05 PMFOXSEAGBSEA
Indianapolis@New EnglandSUN, JAN 185:40 PMCBSNEINDNE