DramaJocks March 6, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#261: Vy Nie!

Picture by: Stefano Brivio

Hey, spring training is here!  And just in time, the mercury might be on its way up this weekend.  Josh and I get started while the Brewers were engaged in their first Cactus League game against the Angels.

Once the K-Bear hops on, we move over to the NFL, where the free agent season is now in full force.  We have some thoughts and/or ideas, in advance of the flurry of moves sure to come next week.

The NBA and NHL are both driving toward their season conclusions — did the Wild make the right moves on their way to the playoffs?  Can the Bucks win just 6 more games (seriously, guys, to get in it’s going to take like six more wins)?

Keep an eye out for the bastards, with the grinding, etc., etc.