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#265: Derek Harper Is Not Hitler

bucks2015Baseball season is right around the corner (literally, the corner of your calendar), so it’s time for some ill-informed musings on our collective part about what’s likely to go down this season.  Did we get anything right last year?  Of course not.  That’s just part of the game.  This is why I’m predicting a 5th-place finish for your Milwaukee Brewers — my saying it guarantees it will be wrong.

The Bucks met the Bulls on Wednesday night in what could be a playoff preview — is Josh even remotely frightened by Milwaukee’s 6’6″ point guard?  Well, if you’ve ever listened to the show before, you probably know the answer.  Oh, and the Bucks revealed some early details about the update of their colors/logo.  Personally, I’m on board.  At least they had some legit reasons for what they chose.

Naturally, the biggest deal in sports this weekend is the NCAA men’s Final Four.  Badgers meet Kentucky on Saturday night, and we’ve got ideas about how that’ll go, too.

Have a slap-happy holiday weekend!  Hope to see you back here next week.