DramaJocks May 1, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#269: Eighty-Five and Fifty-Five

Photo by: Jamie McCaffrey

That’s all it’s gonna take, folks: if the Milwaukee Brewers can just go 85-55 the rest of the way (a .607 clip), they’ll have a *good chance* of getting into MLB’s post-season come October.  We humbly suggest that you continue to breathe regularly.

Beyond the baseball chatter, we talk NBA playoffs (in advance of the Bucks’ Thursday night bloodbath), Stanley Cup playoffs (in advance of a pair of #1’s opening with victories), and the NFL draft (in advance of a 7-hour talking-head-gasm during which 32 men’s names were called).

Get your weekend off on the right foot, immediately after listening to this podcast.