#279: Trump 2016!

Photo by: macinate

Light on topics, but thick on content — this is the best way I can describe our return to the virtual airwaves this week.  While we were off, the Packers had themselves a little Brett Favre Lovefest up at Lambeau.  As we probably predicted back when the divorce happened 6 or 7 years ago, the Green Bay faithful were ready to welcome their boy back home.

Sports that are in-season, you say?  The Brewers have gone on a little bit of a tear lately, but don’t kid yourself: the hole was dug too deep at the start of the season.  Should Craig Counsell get the credit for their recent success?  Or is it just the law of averages bearing itself out over a 162-game season?  We WERE taping as news broke about the trade of Aramis Ramirez to Pittsburgh, so you can get our literally-immediate reactions.

How’ve you been?

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