#282: A Pace of a Different Race

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Well, so right after we had a pleasant discussion last week about the relevance of the NFL’s preseason, the Packers had to go out make a real-life demonstration of that very situation.  So, is the preseason worth it?  We decide the answer to this question definitively, concretely, and decisively ((we actually do no such thing, nor have we ever in this forum and you should certainly never expect that to change)).  Elsewhere in the league, we see a number of other teams contending with the same issue…

We’re on the eve of the third annual Drama Jocks’ Fantasy League draft, and Josh is questioning the league’s quarterback depth: that is, when is too early to jump in for which players?  I give him a no-nonsense answer that specifically addresses his question without any margin for debate ((this is also completely false)).  In terms of the keeper rule, our very own K-Bear pulled off the coup of this year’s draft…

We haven’t forgotten about baseball, although we’d like to at this point.  The Brewers have begun conducting their business by telephone, or so it seems, and next week’s roster expansion is the last remaining event I’m looking forward to at this point.  Who do we like in MLB come post-season time?  Keep an eye on KC, the Yankees, and the Dodgers.  Forget Minnesota, the Mets, and the Orioles.

Just one week left until the return of some epic prognostication, my friends.  It feels like it’s been longer than most.  Welcome back.

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