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#284: All the Names

Photo by: Pixel Addict

Week 1 is always a tough call.  How can you say for sure what’s going to happen in the ever-changing, parity-driven landscape of the National Football League?  We still make a go of it, and to that end we present you with this: our picks for the first week of the 2015 season.

We also open with a little chatter about the Brewers and Badgers, respectively.

Steelers@PatriotsSeptember 10th7:30 PM CTNENENENE
Packers@BearsSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTGBGBGBGB
Chiefs@TexansSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTHOUKCKCKC
Browns@JetsSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTNYJNYJNYJNYJ
Colts@BillsSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTINDINDBUFIND
Dolphins@RedskinsSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTMIAMIAMIAMIA
Panthers@JaguarsSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTCARJACJACCAR
Seahawks@RamsSeptember 13th12:00 PM CTSEASEASEASTL
Saints@CardinalsSeptember 13th3:05 PM CTARIARIARIARI
Lions@ChargersSeptember 13th3:05 PM CTSDSDSDSD
Titans@BuccaneersSeptember 13th3:25 PM CTTBTBTENTEN
Bengals@RaidersSeptember 13th3:25 PM CTCINCINOAKOAK
Ravens@BroncosSeptember 13th3:25 PM CTDENDENDENBAL
Giants@CowboysSeptember 13th7:30 PM CTDALDALNYGDAL
Eagles@FalconsSeptember 14th6:10 PM CTATLPHIATLATL
Vikings@49ersSeptember 14th9:20 PM CTSFSFMINSF