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#285: “Where’s My F*ckin Bucket of Chicken?”

Photo by: Mike Mozart

It’s all footballs all the time on this week’s show.  Josh squeaked out a fantasy victory last weekend, much to his delight.  The Packers survived a trip to Chicago, despite a ragged and depleted defense.  Peyton may no longer be the Peyton you once knew (or so some people are saying).  But most significantly, my soon-to-be mother-in-law bested all of us in the Week 1 picks.

What about that, then?

VisitorHomeDayDateTime (CT)JOSH (12-4)JASON (11-5)JOE (11-5)KIM'S MOM (13-3)
Broncos@ChiefsThursdaySept 17th07:25 PMKCKCKCKC
Texans@PanthersSundaySept 20th12:00 PMCARCARCARCAR
49ers@SteelersSundaySept 20th12:00 PMPITPITPITPIT
Buccaneers@SaintsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMNONONONO
Lions@VikingsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMMINMINDETMIN
Cardinals@BearsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMARIARICHIARI
Patriots@BillsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMBUFNEBUFNE
Chargers@BengalsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMCINCINSDCIN
Titans@BrownsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMTENCLETENTEN
Falcons@GiantsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMNYGNYGATLNYG
Rams@RedskinsSundaySept 20th12:00 PMSTLSTLSTLSTL
Dolphins@JaguarsSundaySept 20th03:05 PMMIAMIAMIAMIA
Ravens@RaidersSundaySept 20th03:05 PMBALBALBALBAL
Cowboys@EaglesSundaySept 20th03:25 PMPHIPHIDALPHI
Seahawks@PackersSundaySept 20th07:30 PMSEASEAGBSEA
Jets@ColtsMondaySept 21st07:30 PMINDINDINDIND
Correct picks in bold, records are for the week, and (overall).5-11 (17-15)7-9 (18-14)5-11 (16-16)6-10 (19-13)