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#286: Everybody In the Tub

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There’s at least one week like it every year: the week that most picks are for shit, and I somehow end up on top (because why *shouldn’t* I be the King of Futility?).

Despite that, it’s time to climb back on the horse and see what Week 3 has in store.  But, before we get to those footballs: we say good-bye to Yankees’ legend Yogi Berra, and hello to the Brewers’ new whippersnapper of a GM, David Stearns.

Have a good time, y’all.

VisitorHomeDateTime (CT)JOSH (17-15)JASON (18-14)JOE (16-16)KIM'S MOM (19-13)
Redskins@GiantsSeptember 24th7:25 PMNYG*NYG*WASNYG*
Falcons@CowboysSeptember 27th12:00 PMATL*ATL*ATL*ATL*
Colts@TitansSeptember 27th12:00 PMIND*IND*IND*IND*
Raiders@BrownsSeptember 27th12:00 PMOAK*CLEOAK*CLE
Bengals@RavensSeptember 27th12:00 PMBALCIN*BALBAL
Jaguars@PatriotsSeptember 27th12:00 PMNE*NE*NE*NE*
Saints@PanthersSeptember 27th12:00 PMCAR*CAR*NOCAR*
Eagles@JetsSeptember 27th12:00 PMPHI*NYJNYJNYJ
Buccaneers@TexansSeptember 27th12:00 PMHOU*HOU*HOU*HOU*
Chargers@VikingsSeptember 27th12:00 PMSDMIN*SDMIN*
Steelers@RamsSeptember 27th12:00 PMPIT*PIT*PIT*PIT*
49ers@CardinalsSeptember 27th3:05 PMARI*SFARI*ARI*
Bills@DolphinsSeptember 27th3:25 PMMIAMIABUF*MIA
Bears@SeahawksSeptember 27th3:25 PMSEA*SEA*SEA*SEA*
Broncos@LionsSeptember 27th7:30 PMDETDEN*DEN*DEN*
Chiefs@PackersSeptember 28th7:30 PMGB*GB*GB*GB*
* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)12-4 (29-19)12-4 (30-18)11-5 (27-21)12-4 (31-17)

One thought on “#286: Everybody In the Tub

  1. Great broadcast guys! I love listening to you…it’s like listening to a piece of home. Greetings from the Southern Hemisphere!

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