#287: Pulled a Slotten

Photo by: Mark Jones

The Drama Jocks’ fantasy league welcomed a new member this week.  Meanwhile, my fantasy team looks utterly devoid of trade-able commodities.  But, the beat of the real games goes on.  We’ve got a recap of the Packers’ Monday night affair, a review of the Bears fire sale currently ramping up, and of course, all the picks that three men could pick.

Do enjoy your first weekend of October.

VisitorHomeDateTime (CT)JOSH (29-19)JASON (30-18)JOE (27-21)KIM'S MOM (31-17)
Ravens@SteelersOctober 1st7:25 PMBAL*BAL*PITBAL*
Jets@DolphinsOctober 4th8:30 AMNYJ*NYJ*NYJ*NYJ*
Jaguars@ColtsOctober 4th12:00 PMIND*IND*IND*IND*
Giants@BillsOctober 4th12:00 PMBUFBUFBUFBUF
Panthers@BuccaneersOctober 4th12:00 PMCAR*CAR*CAR*CAR*
Eagles@RedskinsOctober 4th12:00 PMPHIPHIWAS*PHI
Raiders@BearsOctober 4th12:00 PMOAKOAKOAKOAK
Texans@FalconsOctober 4th12:00 PMATL*ATL*ATL*ATL*
Chiefs@BengalsOctober 4th12:00 PMCIN*CIN*CIN*CIN*
Browns@ChargersOctober 4th3:05 PMSD*SD*SD*SD*
Packers@49ersOctober 4th3:25 PMGB*GB*GB*GB*
Rams@CardinalsOctober 4th3:25 PMARIARIARIARI
Vikings@BroncosOctober 4th3:25 PMDEN*DEN*DEN*DEN*
Cowboys@SaintsOctober 4th7:30 PMNO*DALDALNO*
Lions@SeahawksOctober 5th7:30 PMSEA*SEA*SEA*SEA*
BYE WEEK: Patriots, Titans* - denotes correct pickweekly record (overall)11-3 (40-22)10-4 (40-22)10-4 (37-25)11-3 (42-20)
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