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#289: F– Those Guys

Photo by: Robert Couse-Baker

Another week, another bath for Bocko.  Things are looking bleak for me in the prognostication standings this year, but everyone else is still hangin’ and bangin’.  The K-Bear and I are the dynamic duo bringing you this week’s phat ep, with digressions aplenty and thorough analysis of things we don’t know about — exactly what you’ve come to expect, lo these many years.

Carry on, and don’t let bastards grind ya down.

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (70-34)JASON (64-40)JOE (63-41)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (72-32)
Dolphins@PatriotsOctober 29th8:25 PM ETNE*NE*NE*NE*
Lions@ChiefsNovember 01st9:30 AM ETDETKC*DETKC*
Buccaneers@FalconsNovember 01st1:00 PM ETATLATLATLATL
Cardinals@BrownsNovember 01st1:00 PM ETARI*ARI*ARI*ARI*
49ers@RamsNovember 01st1:00 PM ETSTL*SFSTL*STL*
Giants@SaintsNovember 01st1:00 PM ETNO*NO*NO*NO*
Vikings@BearsNovember 01st1:00 PM ETMIN*CHIMIN*CHI
Chargers@RavensNovember 01st1:00 PM ETSDSDBAL*BAL*
Bengals@SteelersNovember 01st1:00 PM ETCIN*PITPITPIT
Titans@TexansNovember 01st1:00 PM ETTENHOU*HOU*HOU*
Jets@RaidersNovember 01st4:05 PM ETNYJOAK*NYJNYJ
Seahawks@CowboysNovember 01st4:25 PM ETDALSEA*SEA*SEA*
Packers@BroncosNovember 01st8:30 PM ETDEN*DEN*DEN*GB
Colts@PanthersNovember 02nd8:30 PM ETCAR*CAR*CAR*CAR*
BYES: Bills, Jaguars, Eagles, Redskins* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)8-6 (78-40)9-5 (73-45)10-4 (73-45)9-5 (81-37)