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#290: Kansas Freakin’ City

K-BEAR_DETvKCBack to full strength this week, as we recap the K-Bear’s trip to Wembley for the Lions matchup against Kansas City last weekend.  Joe and I console one another after what can only be described as a horrendous showing by the Packers up in Denver, and we speculate a bit on what might come of a Cincinnati-New England AFC champ game.

Who the hell knows, right?

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (78-40)JASON (73-45)JOE (73-45)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (81-37)
Browns@BengalsNovember 05th8:25 PM ETCIN*CIN*CIN*CIN*
Packers@PanthersNovember 08th1:00 PM ETGBGBGBGB
Redskins@PatriotsNovember 08th1:00 PM ETNE*NE*NE*NE*
Titans@SaintsNovember 08th1:00 PM ETNONONONO
Dolphins@BillsNovember 08th1:00 PM ETBUF*BUF*BUF*BUF*
Rams@VikingsNovember 08th1:00 PM ETSTLSTLSTLMIN*
Jaguars@JetsNovember 08th1:00 PM ETNYJ*NYJ*JACNYJ*
Raiders@SteelersNovember 08th1:00 PM ETOAKPIT*PIT*PIT*
Giants@BuccaneersNovember 08th4:05 PM ETNYG*TBNYG*NYG*
Falcons@49ersNovember 08th4:05 PM ETATLATLATLATL
Broncos@ColtsNovember 08th4:25 PM ETDENDENDENDEN
Eagles@CowboysNovember 08th8:30 PM ETPHI*PHI*DALPHI*
Bears@ChargersNovember 09th8:30 PM ETSDSDCHI*SD
BYES: BAL, KC, HOU, DET, ARI, SEA* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)6-7 (84-47)6-7 (79-52)6-7 (79-52)8-5 (89-42)