#291: Achievement Unlocked

Photo by: Micheal Foley

Well, my mother-in-law is now 10 games ahead of me in prognostication.  Basically a game per week, folks.  It’s gotten silly, but we soldier on.  The K-Bear and I do it dyno-duo-style this week, so expect plenty of post-mortem on the Packers and their two-game losing streak.  Spoiler alert: everyone expects the bleeding to stop when Detroit stops by on Sunday.

Keep it up, and remember: you can’t win if you don’t play.

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (84-47)JASON (79-52)JOE (79-52)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (89-42)
Bills@JetsNovember 12th8:25 PM ETNYJNYJNYJNYJ
Lions@PackersNovember 15th1:00 PM ETGBGBGBGB
Cowboys@BuccaneersNovember 15th1:00 PM ETDALTB*TB*TB*
Panthers@TitansNovember 15th1:00 PM ETCAR*CAR*TENCAR*
Bears@RamsNovember 15th1:00 PM ETSTLSTLSTLSTL
Saints@RedskinsNovember 15th1:00 PM ETWAS*NONONO
Dolphins@EaglesNovember 15th1:00 PM ETPHIPHIMIA*PHI
Browns@SteelersNovember 15th1:00 PM ETPIT*PIT*PIT*PIT*
Jaguars@RavensNovember 15th1:00 PM ETBALJAC*JAC*BAL
Vikings@RaidersNovember 15th4:05 PM ETOAKOAKOAKOAK
Patriots@GiantsNovember 15th4:25 PM ETNE*NYGNE*NE*
Chiefs@BroncosNovember 15th4:25 PM ETDENDENDENDEN
Cardinals@SeahawksNovember 15th8:30 PM ETSEAARI*ARI*SEA
Texans@BengalsNovember 16th8:30 PM ETCINCINCINCIN
BYES: ATL, IND, SD, SF* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)4-10 (88-57)5-9 (84-61)6-8 (85-60)4-10 (93-52)
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