DramaJocks November 19, 2015 Jason Bock No comments

#292: My Favorite Kind of Newtons

Photo by: Sheila Sund

Well, we’ve got consensus on this, at least: Green Bay’s woes defy explanation.  That won’t stop us from trying to explain it, of course.  Not a lot can be justified or interpreted after a week where the best prognosticator’s record was under .500, though, so just as we’ve done, I suggest that you press on and take a good hard look at Week 11.

My not-very-bold declaration: if the Packers lose this week in Minnesota, you can stick a fork in 2015.

Titans@JaguarsThursday8:25 PM ETJAC*JAC*JAC*JAC*
Raiders@LionsSunday1:00 PM ETOAKOAKOAKDET*
Colts@FalconsSunday1:00 PM ETATLATLATLATL
Rams@RavensSunday1:00 PM ETBAL*BAL*STLBAL*
Buccaneers@EaglesSunday1:00 PM ETPHITB*PHIPHI
Broncos@BearsSunday1:00 PM ETDEN*DEN*DEN*CHI
Jets@TexansSunday1:00 PM ETHOU*NYJNYJNYJ
Redskins@PanthersSunday1:00 PM ETCAR*CAR*CAR*CAR*
Cowboys@DolphinsSunday1:00 PM ETDAL*DAL*DAL*DAL*
Chiefs@ChargersSunday4:05 PM ETKC*KC*KC*KC*
Packers@VikingsSunday4:25 PM ETGB*MINGB*MIN
49ers@SeahawksSunday4:25 PM ETSEA*SEA*SEA*SEA*
Bengals@CardinalsSunday8:30 PM ETARI*ARI*ARI*ARI*
Bills@PatriotsMonday8:30 PM ETNE*NE*NE*NE*
BYES: Browns, Saints, Giants, Steelers* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)11-3 (99-60)10-4 (94-65)9-5 (94-65)9-5 (102-57)