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#293: Separate But Equal Locker Rooms

Photo by: petrr

We come down off the Thanksgiving bloating just in time to do it again with Green Bay and Detroit.  The K-Bear and I are disturbed, confused, befuddled, rendered speechless, or any number of any euphemisms you can think of to say we don’t know what to think about the once-mighty Packers offense.  Josh counsels patience and calm, but lets be honest–also loves it.

Thirteen teams come into this weekend either 5-6 or 6-5.  Count on a bunch more at .500 next weekend.

Soldier on, my friends.

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (108-67)JASON (104-71)JOE (101-74)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (111-64)
Packers@LionsDecember 03rd8:25 PM ETGB*GB*GB*GB*
Jets@GiantsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETNYJ*NYJ*NYJ*NYJ*
Cardinals@RamsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETARI*ARI*ARI*ARI*
Falcons@BuccaneersDecember 06th1:00 PM ETATLTB*ATLTB*
Seahawks@VikingsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETSEA*SEA*SEA*MIN
49ers@BearsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETSF*CHICHICHI
Jaguars@TitansDecember 06th1:00 PM ETJACJACJACTEN*
Texans@BillsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETHOUBUF*BUF*BUF*
Ravens@DolphinsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETMIA*MIA*MIA*MIA*
Bengals@BrownsDecember 06th1:00 PM ETCIN*CIN*CIN*CIN*
Chiefs@RaidersDecember 06th4:05 PM ETKC*OAKOAKKC*
Broncos@ChargersDecember 06th4:05 PM ETDEN*DEN*DEN*DEN*
Eagles@PatriotsDecember 06th4:25 PM ETNENENENE
Panthers@SaintsDecember 06th4:25 PM ETCAR*CAR*CAR*CAR*
Colts@SteelersDecember 06th8:30 PM ETPIT*PIT*PIT*PIT*
Cowboys@RedskinsDecember 07th8:30 PM ETWASWASWASWAS
* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)11-5 (119-72)11-5 (115-76)10-6 (111-80)12-4 (123-68)