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#294: Player-Con

Photo by: Martin Dvoracek

I dunno how this happened, but I got the K-Bear to willingly talk about baseball for five minutes at the start of this thing.  That alone should convince you to listen.  Beyond that, it’s your typical helping of NFL prognosticating, heavy on review of last week’s stunning Packers victory.

Be well, ye merry gentlemen (and ladies, too).

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (119-72)JASON (115-76)JOE (111-80)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (123-68)
Vikings@CardinalsDecember 10th8:25 PM ETARI*ARI*ARI*ARI*
Bills@EaglesDecember 13th1:00 PM ETBUFBUFBUFPHI*
Seahawks@RavensDecember 13th1:00 PM ETSEA*SEA*SEA*SEA*
49ers@BrownsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETCLE*CLE*SFCLE*
Lions@RamsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETDETDETDETSTL*
Titans@JetsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETNYJ*NYJ*NYJ*NYJ*
Steelers@BengalsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETCINPIT*CINCIN
Colts@JaguarsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETJAC*JAC*JAC*IND
Chargers@ChiefsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETKC*KC*KC*KC*
Redskins@BearsDecember 13th1:00 PM ETWAS*WAS*CHICHI
Falcons@PanthersDecember 13th1:00 PM ETCAR*CAR*CAR*CAR*
Saints@BuccaneersDecember 13th1:00 PM ETNO*NO*TBTB
Raiders@BroncosDecember 13th4:05 PM ETDENDENDENDEN
Cowboys@PackersDecember 13th4:25 PM ETGB*GB*GB*GB*
Patriots@TexansDecember 13th8:30 PM ETNE*NE*NE*NE*
Giants@DolphinsDecember 14th8:30 PM ETNYG*MIANYG*MIA
12-4 (131-76)12-4 (127-80)9-7 (120-87)10-6 (133-74)