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#296: Chicken for Everyone

Photo by: Jan Fidler

Since this is the first Drama Jocks’ show post-Force Awakens, we have to start off with a few of Josh’s questions.  Please don’t be deterred, the football conversation resumes as normal in short order.

Speaking of short order, that’s about how long until the Packers get bounced from the playoffs, despite this Sunday night’s outcome.  It’s been a dismal finish, my friends, but there are games left to be played.  Enjoy it, and have a happy new year.

VisitorHomeDateTimeJOSH (149-90)JASON (146-93)JOE (139-100)JASON'S MOTHER-IN-LAW (155-84)
Jets@BillsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETNYJBUF*NYJ
Patriots@DolphinsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETNENENE
Saints@FalconsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETATLNO*ATL
Lions@BearsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETDET*CHICHI
Eagles@GiantsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETNYGPHI*PHI*
Redskins@CowboysJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETWAS*DALDAL
Titans@ColtsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETIND*IND*TEN
Ravens@BengalsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETBALCIN*CIN*
Steelers@BrownsJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETPIT*PIT*PIT*
Jaguars@TexansJanuary 03rd1:00 PM ETHOU*HOU*JAC
Raiders@ChiefsJanuary 03rd4:25 PM ETKC*KC*KC*
Chargers@BroncosJanuary 03rd4:25 PM ETDEN*DEN*DEN*
Buccaneers@PanthersJanuary 03rd4:25 PM ETCAR*CAR*CAR*
Seahawks@CardinalsJanuary 03rd4:25 PM ETARIARIARI
Rams@49ersJanuary 03rd4:25 PM ETSTLSTLSTL
Vikings@PackersJanuary 03rd8:30 PM ETGBMIN*GB
* - denotes correct pickweek's record (overall)8-8 (157-98)11-5 (157-98)6-10 (145-110)