DramaJocks June 10, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#343: The Price of Admission

By: Jackie

After a quite pleasant little hiatus, we have returned.

And there was much rejoicing.

We get started with an analysis of the evolution of concert ticket pricing schemes over the past 20 years, but quickly move on to trying to figure out what the hell is going on with the first-place Milwaukee Brewers, and to a larger extent, the National League Central.

There are also two championship series being waged as we speak, in the NHL and NBA.  The former features a first-time Stanley Cup contender in the Nashville Predators, while the latter is the third straight year of LeBron Versus The Warriors.

Ah, what a surreal experience, this life.

If you are in the upper Midwest this weekend, stay cool.  And if you’re not, hey — you were super-cool already, so it’s all good.