DramaJocks September 21, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#350: It Sounds Like a Cracker

Photo by: liz west

Before we officially get underway, Josh has a few things to get off his chest in relation to his newfound rosy outlook on being alive just in general.

From there, strap yourself in for a late-September dig into the state of Milwaukee Brewers, whose unexpected season is reaching culmination this coming weekend in the form of a 4-game series against the Chicago Cubs.  I mostly have accolades for the team.  Regardless of how things go, what a fun season it’s been.

On the NFL side, we agree that Week 2 wasn’t that tough to pick, but maybe week #3 will prove to be more challenging.  It does feature match-ups of both the NFC’s undefeated (Atlanta at Detroit) and the AFC’s winless (Cleveland at Indy).  No matter what, it’s sure to be the sort of week that makes you reach for a beverage as you try to wet your whistle and soothe those aching vocal cords.