DramaJocks November 30, 2017 Jason Bock No comments

#358: Hat Rack

Photo by: hobvias sudoneighm

As Josh would point out, out respective NFL rooting interests have not done much to encourage us in the last several weeks.  That being the case, we get the thing started this week by feeling good about the 12-0 Wisconsin Badgers being headed to the Big Ten title game on Saturday in Indianapolis, with a trip to the College Football Playoff on the line.  Will it be disappointing if they can’t beat Ohio State and get into football’s final four?  I wish it wasn’t the case, but yes.  Yes it will.  Let’s hope for the best on this front.

Meanwhile, the NFL remains a fluctuating entity with precious few constants: KC is down; the Chargers are somehow not out; the Packers offered a brief glimmer of hope; the Vikings continue to make it work with smoke, mirrors, and Case Keenum; through it all, there remains The Brady and The Belichick.  God help us all.

Hey, it’s the last week of the fantasy regular season.  Speaking of dumpster fires…