#365: How These Things Go

Photo by: Claude Précourt

We returned.

It’s NFL season again, but nobody told me until moments before kickoff of last Sunday night’s game, so forgive us for missing Week 1.  Sometimes that happens.

Speaking of Sunday night, Josh and I get to talking about that game between the Packers and Bears that happened up at Lambeau, and my faithful co-host says that nothing in the game surprised him.  If you watch enough of these games, I can understand how one comes to expect the unexpected.  For me, it doesn’t take away from the incredible performance of Aaron Rodgers in the second half of that one…

After that, it’s on to the Week 2 picks, where you might find a few surprises, and some actual disagreement between these participants.  That’s how this thing usually goes, too.

Our intent is to go on, so please give a listen to this little nugget, and we’ll see you in Week 3.

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