#367: Keep Moving Forward

Photo by: Graham Richardson

Friend of the show R.C. Lorch sits in with me this week to go over the Brewers’ season that is now in the rear view.  After a few days to come back up from the disappointment of losing Game 7 in the NLCS, we found a lot of positives in how the club performed overall in 2018, and saw plenty of reasons to be hopeful for the upcoming handful of seasons.

Football-wise, tough to see the same rosey outlook for Green Bay, particularly as they head to the West Coast this weekend to face the undefeated L.A. Rams (a game neither of us expect them to win).

But then, to bring it back to the positive in Wisconsin sports, the Milwaukee Bucks are 4-0, and show no signs of slowing down on chucking up 3-pointers.

Thanks for taking a look – enjoy, and have a great weekend.

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