Bocko and BryGuy, DramaJocks October 8, 2015 Jason Bock No comments


Photo by: Sheila Sund

Well, it’s finally that week.  I’ve mused about it here and there over the last year-plus on both shows, but this weekend, Kim and I are finally getting married.  I’m glad that all of my podcasting homies can be there with me, even the ones who live halfway around the world.

No new shows this week, but we’ll be back very soon as usual.  My finger will be heavier, of course.  But not much heavier; my ring is titanium.  Oh, and I’ll be able to say things like, “well, my wife thinks [something-something],” or “well, my wife and I [something-whatever].”  That’ll be different.  But pretty neat.

Talk to y’all in a week or so.