DramaJocks January 12, 2012 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ Sports Cast #109: The Fairy Tale Is Over

Here’s the thing, Tebow Nation: it was a nice run.  It was a fun story.  It’ll be a scintillating off-season, no doubt.  But it’s over.  In the NFL playoffs, one or two amazing things always happen.  Both of them occurred last week.

The Tebow rose, one more time, and defeated a Pittsburgh outfit that was inexplicably unprepared to face the NFL’s only option QB.  Down south, a 3rd-string quarterback led a team that was in the playoffs for the first time to victory.  It was a fun Wild Card Weekend.  Exciting even.  Great stories to be told.  But things are going to come back to Earth this week.  The NFL as you know it will have evened out come Monday, and you’ll start your next work week that much more calm.  At peace.  Passive.

We’ll breakdown the games that were, and the ones to come, in about 80 minutes, if you have the time.