DramaJocks December 8, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #104: Luke Warm Stove

We open this week’s show with Josh’s dismay at the lack of action on the part of the Brewers at MLB’s annual Winter Meetings down in Dallas.  Of course, hours after the show taped, we found out that a big reason for the foot-dragging was probably because the Brew Crew brass was afraid K-Rod would accept arbitration, and he did (which I had predicted WOULD NOT HAPPEN on the show; ah, well).

We also get into the realignment plan for the NHL in the 12-13 season.  I have to give props to that league for this: they certainly can think outside the box.  Can you imagine MLB or even the NBA considering such a significant, sweeping change to their competitive structure?  Of course not (and of course, one of the best reasons for the NBA to not consider it is because they have 10 or 11 teams that are basically nomadic, just roaming from city to city, building arenas that are outrageously expensive, yet somehow outdated within a decade; but I digress).

Beyond that, we’ve got your Week 14 NFL prognostication, featuring a lot of agreement overall, but with a few make-or-break deviations to keep things interesting.

It’ll take you 80 minutes, so let’s turn this mother out.