DramaJocks December 30, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #107: Super Bowl Sunday

On this final weekend of the NFL’s regular season, a lot of the playoff seedings are settled, save for a little jockeying in the wild card area for both leagues, and the division crown for the NFC East.  There are plenty of teams with absolutely nothing to play for, making this Sunday’s game their proverbial “super bowl.”  Tough to say what to expect on such a day, but hopefully some entertaining football, regardless.

We also take a look at the odds for Monday’s happenings: which coaches are sure to fall, which ones have a shot at hanging on?  And that’s not to mention a little game called the Rose Bowl, which, unfortunately, none of us expect Wisconsin to win.

Enjoy the show, and a happy new year to you.