DramaJocks March 23, 2012 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks SportsCast #119: A Tale of Two P(e)(a)ytons

A lot of NFL-related hoopla to cover this week on the program.  With a backdrop of Wisconsin losing their Sweet 16 game to Syracuse in a 1-point heartbreaker, Josh, Joe and I enlighten you with our commentary about topics as concentrated as:

  • Peyton Manning and the QB Carousel – eventually, the ride stops in every city that needs a quarterback, and even David Garrard ends up with a job.
  • Sean Payton and the Saints’ bounty debacle.  A lot more blood spilled for this than I expected, and we address the question of how the Saints stand to fare as a team, in addition to numerous others.
  • Tebow in New York – just a clever ruse to spread the Word?
  • When are Dolphins fans EVER going to catch a break?

Take an hour, and have a great time.

[powerpress http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32705697/dramajocks/dramajocks032212.mp3]