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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #122: Winding It Up and Winding It Down

We kick off this week’s show by getting caught up on the first round of the Stanley Cup playoffs.  Some astute observations from our two NHL fans in residence, and one useless comment from me.

Another season rapidly coming to an end: the NBA.  Milwaukee (as I’ve been saying for months) won’t be there for the post-season, nor do they deserve to be.  Josh is currently cultivating a Derrick-Rose-shaped tumor in the pit of his stomach, made of Chicago Bulls angst.

The NFL schedule was released this week, and in every football hamlet across this great land, there was much unnecessary discussion and dissection.  A more interesting topic could be the continuing saga of the Minnesota Vikings and their dilapidated stadium…

Finally, turning to the world of Major League Baseball, Josh marvels at the specimen of Jamie Moyer – a 49-year-old pitcher earning a win for the Colorado Rockies and becoming the oldest man to do so in the Majors.  Best of luck to that guy for the rest of the season.

About a dozen or so games in, the thoughts on our respective local teams:

  • Brewers need to find their footing, but haven’t looked over-matched.  Predictions of season-long participation in a competitive division stand.
  • Twins are in full-on damage control mode for the duration of the season.  Nice job splitting with the Yankees, but the most important thing for the team is just to prove that all that money they are paying Morneau and Mauer isn’t a complete waste.

With about 70 minutes, you can make this thing happen.

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