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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #125: A Sportscast to the Stars

We open the show with my brief review of Neil deGrasse Tyson’s talk at UW-Madison yesterday.  It was great.

Next on the docket, the NHL playoffs keep rolling on, and the unexpected has become the ordinary.  Any revisions to previous predictions?  You’ll have to take a listen to find out…

Over in the NBA, Chicago was in the early stages of becoming the 5th top seed ever to lose in the opening round to a #8 as we went to tape.  In the Western Conference, we consider whether the battle-tested (like the Spurs) or the young and talented (the Thunder) will ultimately emerge…

In NFL news, the Vikings are getting their stadium.  Yet another municipality who loves their team succumbs to the empty threats of a billionaire owner and league.  And who knows how the Nazi gold might be involved!

Finally, an assessment of the state of the Brewers after yet another starter goes down for the season, and another home series is lost, this time to division rival Cincinnati.  Josh tries hard to avoid too much doom and gloom, and I try to find the positives for a team that is currently tied for last place.

Enjoy the program.

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