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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #126: The Almanac

Lots of great questions for Josh’s world almanac on this week’s show (it’s like Wikipedia, but printed out and bound in a book).

We open with an update on the World Hockey Championship and a review of Czech TV commentary (better than French?).  Staying on the ice, it’s a quick lateral move to the NHL and the Conference Championships.  Joe got the Eastern series he hoped for, and as a man with no particular affiliation in the NHL at all, I say: go Kings.  I mean, why not?  Look at this run they’re on.  LOOK AT IT.

We decide that everyone knows the last exciting NBA Finals series was Bulls-Sonics in 1996.  The only problem with that is the fact that it was NOT the last exciting Finals series.  This one was.  That being said, the 90s brought us a lot of interesting things, like the Dana Carvey Show.  #digressioncomplete.

That gets us rolling on a chat about talent dilution in the NBA in particular, where I offer up a list of 8 teams that could be contracted (or relegated, as our ex-pat colleague suggests).

From there, we roll on the NBA Playoffs (featuring some mildly interesting story lines), but that lands us square in the center all the destroyed ACLs on some of our favored teams.

The Brewers are still fraught with problems, including a propensity to get hit by pitches, and this weekend they host the team with baseball’s worst record: the Minnesota Twins.  Can they finally turn something around, after getting swept in 2 games down in Houston?  Does the Crew have a prayer of holding on to Zack Grienke–far and away their best pitcher thus far–next season?

We also touch on the release of Shyam Das from his duties as an arbitrator with MLB, and re-open the discussion of how arbitrators should generally by employed by your major professional sports leagues.

Take 73 minutes or so, and have a pleasant Friday.

[powerpress http://dl.dropbox.com/u/32705697/dramajocks/dramajocks051712.mp3]