The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #127: Clearly Present and Groggy

Had to get up for an early morning sports cast today, and the lack of sleep shows in some of the early discussion.  That and the recap of a 2-4 Brewers homestand could bring you down a little, so take in the show with coffee.

As we went to tape this morning, Doug Melvin had not yet hit the AM talk circuit, so we wondered what was going to happen with the Brewers #5 starter.  It’s since been confirmed that he’ll miss 3 or 4 turns (which amounts to the better part of six weeks).

There’s reason for a little joy in Muddville, as Donald Driver is a champion once more — this time hoisting his extra-glittery mirrorball trophy.  Joe has to wonder, though (as have others) if all the goodwill in Packer nation will be enough to keep the veteran on the 53-man roster.  Lots of wide receivers going to camp this year, and only five (six, tops) will emerge.

The NBA and NHL playoffs roll on, with two L.A. teams biting the dust, while another continues its charmed postseason run.  Finals excitement is right around the corner on the ice…

And speaking of exciting finals, the UEFA Championship ended with an improbable Chelsea victory, and according to Joe, the nation of Germany will get over it pretty quickly.

Forty-seven minutes, people.  Grab a hot beverage and start your day off right.



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