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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #128: I’d Like to Mount *Your* Injuries

Helluva sports cast this week, in which we delve deeply into the plight of the Brewers, and our fascination at the fact that they managed to take the first three in a 4-gamer against L.A. (we recorded before the start of game 4, and as of the moment I type this, the Crew is ahead AGAIN, 2-0).  We share our opinions on the oddities of Jonathan Lucroy’s unfortunate injury, and I take a couple minutes to speculate on whether or not you could call it an “epidemic” of injured stars this year in the Majors.

So movement among our favored NFL teams this week, with the Packers restructuring Driver’s contract, and the Bears hearing from Urlacher that he might be, oh, I dunno, possibly sorta intrigued by free agency maybe.  Or not.  I mean he loves Chicago.  But a guy gets curious.  Call it the 12-year NFL itch.

The Stanley Cup Finals are now underway, but the big news in the NHL is Nicklas Lidstrom’s retirement from the Detroit Red Wings.  Josh has some ideas on how to replace him, but how you ever replace a player of that quality is a great question.

Please take about 70 minutes and have yourself a good time.

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