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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #130: Tailgate Party

Everyone brings a little something to the party this on our sojourn through the sporting world…

Josh is quite concerned about the Brewers bullpen.  We went to tape with this show a couple hours before game two of the series in K.C. got underway, and after that steaming turd, his comments ring quite nostradomical.  #fuckinbrewers.

After picking our baseball team apart, we move on to Josh’s niche sports from last weekend (horse racing, boxing), and after a little discussion, we discover that they have been replaced in the national consciousness by (A) NASCAR, and (B) UFC.  Part of the ever-changing landscape of this great nation, friends.

The Kings win the Cup!  The Kings win the Cup!  The Kings win the Cup!

NBA Network ran a documentary about the original Dream Team.  While I wasn’t able to see it (no NBA Network), I would like to take it in when I get the chance on video.  Twenty years later, you have to marvel at the amazing collection of talent that was that gold medal team at the Barcelona Olympic Games.

Thanks for listening.  Enjoy!

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