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The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #140: We Can Make It If We Try

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On this week’s show, Josh and Joe go it mostly-alone, while I hang back, severely under the weather.  Hopefully, this means I will be way up on top of the weather this winter…

With nothing stopping them or making snide comments, the show opens with a discussion of the 2012 incarnation of The NHL Lockout.  A rich tradition that now occurs every eight to ten years, the owners have decided that THEY STILL NEED MORE MONEY. You’ll hear where Josh and Joe come down…

I give Josh about 3 minutes of my time with our mention of the Milwaukee Brewers — here is a team that was left for dead two months ago, and now finds itself in the thick of the Wild Card race in the National League.  Can they pull it out and make it to the postseason in back-to-back years?  The odds are extremely long, but clearly, just about anything is possible in today’s MLB.

The NFL recap opens up with a discussion of the replacement ref situation.  A problem that seems to be getting worse by the week, Joe is still willing to cut them some slack, and offers a couple ideas for ways to make the NFL referee more of a profession.  After that, the guys move on to a review of last week’s Packers – Bears game before getting on with the prognostication.

Take 70 minutes or so, and enjoy.

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