DramaJocks December 13, 2012 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #152: The Right Honorable Tagliabue

So off the field this week, the former NFL commissioner trumps over the current NFL commissioner by throwing out all the player suspensions related to Bountygate.  Paul Tagliabue, the Great Negotiator.  I suggest that he should move on to the NHL next…

There can be no doubt that in the days leading up to a December Packers-Bears game, with the NFC North division title possibly on the line, our focus on the ‘cast will be with these teams.  We run down what happened to both last week, the injury status for some key players as we look ahead to Sunday, the Wednesday player press conferences, and ultimately our predictions for the game.  It’ll be an exciting Sunday.

Elsewhere around the NFL, the long-standing top seeds in both conferences were taken down a peg last week, and we talk about what that could mean as the regular season winds down.  There are couple other significant games in both the AFC and NFC, and of course, still others that will mean basically nothing.

Enjoy the show — which is basically something.