DramaJocks December 20, 2012 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #153: Throw Gramma From the Train


In our review of the Packers-Bears game from last Sunday, Josh brings us up to speed on the angst being felt in the Windy City.  Among other things, people are calling for this sweet old lady here to be kicked to the curb.  No accounting for the opinions of a Bears fan, I reckon.

Beyond that, we go over a few highlights from Week 15, including discussion of whether or not Adrian Peterson–the Vikings running back making a serious push for the single-season rushing record–will deserve to be the league MVP if his team does not make the playoffs.

Looking at Week 16, a number of division leaders are now jockeying for playoff seeding, while we debate whether or not a good number of the also-rans will even bother showing up this week.

Have a fabulous Christmas, wherever you may be.  We’ll catch up with you next week.