DramaJocks January 11, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #156: The Hall of Infamy

With a shortened NFL schedule, we’ve got some room for a few more topics on this week’s show–

  • The NHL is coming back!  Will the fans?
  • The Bucks part ways with coach Scott Skiles.  I’m sure he’ll have a relaxing spring, during which the vein in his head will hopefully recede.
  • Alabama is your college football national champ.  Once again, the thing that was never in doubt (there’s the SEC, and there’s everybody else) is proven in spades.
  • The baseball writers decide that no one deserves to get into the Hall of Fame this year.  No surprise from this commentator.  In fact, I think they could do that more often.

After that, we review the games from last weekend, and I do my best to explain why I liked the look of the Packers defense last Saturday, even against an impotent Minnesota offense.  We’ve got uniform predictions for the divisional round across the board, but that doesn’t mean the conversation is any less scintillating.  Take 60 minutes and enjoy.

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