DramaJocks February 15, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #161: Labs Are For Hunting

Josh opens up the show with his annual rant on how his most favored breed got no love at this year’s Westminster Dog Show.  He also concedes that while he hasn’t had the pleasure of working with a “monkey-faced dog” at his clinic, it’s pretty likely that he will in the next year or so, after Banana Joe won Best In Show…

We’ve got a fine potpourri of other topics for you on this “tweener” week in the realm of sports:

  • The IOC deciding to dump wrestling at the 2020 Games
  • The plucky Wisconsin Badgers men’s basketball team
  • The hapless Milwaukee Bucks
  • Michael Jordan at 50, and why every network with four or less letters still loves him

It’s a shortie by our standards, so give it a listen, then get out to enjoy your weekend.