DramaJocks March 15, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #165: Man Down

At the open of the show, Joe and I weren’t sure if our MSP compatriot would be able to make it to the show… all’s well that ends as such, though.

This week, you can count on plenty of discussion of the NFL free agent market, as all of the bigger chips have fallen.  What’s left are those players that were hoping to strike it rich, but will probably have to settle for being less rich than some of their colleagues.  After putting Greg Jennings’ chances of returning to Green Bay at less than 1% last week, none of us now feel like the odds are less than 50-50.

Rounding it out, we’ve got a little update from Brewers camp, and a discussion of what the NFL could learn from the NHL in doling out fines and suspensions for unnecessary hits.

Give us an hour, we give you the sports.