DramaJocks April 12, 2013 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #169: Try Not to Blow Any Saves on Your Way Through the Parking Lot

Joe and I waited patiently for Josh to arise from his slumber, but fortunately, you will not be subjected to any of that pre-game discussion.  On the docket for you this week, it’s a solid diet of:

  • What the hell is the matter with the Brewers?
  • Why the hell can’t I admit when Josh is right?
  • Why the hell doesn’t European soccer have playoffs?
  • What the hell business do the Milwaukee Bucks have qualifying for the NBA playoffs?
  • Do the Minnesota Wild have a chance in hell of making any noise in the NHL postseason?
  • Who the hell thinks Jason Hanson deserves to get into the Pro Football Hall of Fame?

Ah, to hell with it; just listen to the show.