DramaJocks April 21, 2011 Jason Bock No comments

The Drama Jocks’ SportsCast #72: Holy Moses, What a Deal!

Big news of the week didn’t transpire until Thursday afternoon, just hours before the SportsCast went into the studio– but there was this nugget from Spain, which Josh would love for you to take a look at:


OK, so that being said: we also have a variety of scintillating topics with which to pique your interest:
– Over/under on Bears and Packers draft picks
– Did the Bears get screwed in 2011 NFL scheduling?
– Did the Twins get screwed by giving Mauer that fantastically outrageous contract last year?
– Did the Brewers hit a homerun with Braun’s five-year extension, or what?
– Will the Red Wings hit some bumps in the next round of the Stanley Cup playoffs?
– Is someone else gonna learn how to shoot for the Bulls?

All that, and some (now belated) birthday salutations to one Joseph Schneider… enjoy the program!

PS – Check this out, too:

Star Wars the Musical: Act 1, Part 3 from Funny Farm Films on Vimeo.